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Carbon Fiber 2 Piece Bent Shaft

Carbon Fiber 2 Piece Bent Shaft

This paddle simply has it all. It features a rare combination of extremely lightweight carbon fiber that is a 2 piece with a bent shaft grip. The blades are made by a hand lay-up process, with Epoxy Resin capable of handling the most extreme whitewater. The bend in the shaft promotes stability, comfort and increases leverage while paddling. Large stiff blades produce the power you need to get you through those sticky holes. 

The durability of our middle connector is what really makes a Royal Paddle stand out as the best 2 piece paddle in the market. 2 piece paddles allow you to adjust the feather to any desired degree, left or right handed. Unlike other 2 piece paddles on the market who use plastic, we use a hard anodizing anti-corrosion aluminum alloy clamp to connect both pieces. We find this added strength extremely important when it comes to keeping your paddle in 1 piece when you need it the most.


No where else will you find a paddle that combines lightweight carbon fiber, an ergonomic bent shaft and an adjustable ferrule. Worried about durability given it's a two piece? Royal Paddles have been tested by class V paddlers in some of the most challenging runs California has to offer. Not only have these paddles proven their durability, they have become the ultimate versatile whitewater paddle. 


Currently in stock at Sierra Outdoor Center in Auburn, CA. 

  • Specs

    Blade Material - Carbon fiber, PMI foam , epoxy resin

    Shaft Material - Carbon Fiber

    Length - 200cm

    Weight - 1050±50 g

    Blade size - One Size Large (20*48 cm, 728 cm²)

    Outer diameter - 31mm

    Adjuster - Aluminum Alloy

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