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1 Piece Carbon Fiberglass Straight Shaft

1 Piece Carbon Fiberglass Straight Shaft

Our 1 piece paddle features a carbon fiber shaft combined with fiberglass blades. We combined these materials in efforts to create the ultimate strength to weight ratio in a high performance paddle. Looking for style points? We added rarely seen color in our carbon fiber shaft, giving off a stunning look. Choose between a variety of colors you won’t find anywhere else. Need a custom size? Left Handed? Short? Tall? Choose between ANY length or feathered blade. Our broad range of sizing options are only available with our 1 piece designs.


The blades are made by a hand lay-up process, with flexibly yet strong epoxy resin capable of handling the most extreme whitewater. Royal Paddles have been tested by class V paddlers in some of the most challenging runs California has to offer. Not only have these paddles proven their durability, they have become the ultimate versatile whitewater paddle. Currently in stock at Sierra Outdoor Center in Auburn, CA.

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